Choo Choo La Rouge
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2024 Record Release Mini-Tour
Chromatic Studios
Thursday, April 4th
Kingston, NY
Choo Choo la Rouge
Jennifer O’Connor
Kate Prascher
Main Drag Music
Friday, April 5th
Brooklyn, NY
$15 tickets
Choo Choo la Rouge
Jennifer O’Connor
Jay Walsh
Main Street Beat
Saturday, April 6th
In-Store Performance
Choo Choo la Rouge
The Midway Café
Saturday, April 6th
Jamaica Plain, MA
$10 doors at 8pm
Choo Choo la Rouge
Lupo Citta
The Bret Tobias Set
Jay Walsh

Sunday, April 7th
East Providence, RI
Choo Choo la Rouge
Volcano Kings
Jay Walsh

Show History

11/11 Ortlieb's (PA) The Bret Tobias Set, Long Spells
11/10 Myrtle (RI) Dyr Faser, Jennifer O'Connor
10/27 Union Hall (Brooklyn) The Paranoid Style, Charles Bissell (of the Wrens), William Matheney
10/14 Union Pool (Brooklyn) (flyer) Taxidermists, Tim Foljahn, Jennifer O'Connor, Tron! & DVD, Amy Bezunartea, Clint Michigan, Jesse Hale Moore
10/19 Left Field (NYC) CMJ 2012:  Jennifer O'Connor, Rebecca Gates, Karl Hendricks Trio, Tim Foljahn, Ma'am, Amy Bezunartea
03/03 Cake Shop (NYC) Versus, Wussy, Diehard
03/01 Church Jennifer O'Connor, Thalia Zedek, Cotton Candy
11/06 The Lily Pad Amy Bezunartea (CD rel.), Vince solo, Winston Troy, Drew O'Doherty
05/16 Black Cat (DC) Dennis Kane, Timothy Bracy's Collection Agency
05/15 P.A.'s Lounge Dennis Kane, so+so
04/03 Cake Shop (NYC) Blood Warrior, Folklore, Bright Lights
02/06 P.A.'s Lounge Trabants, Rococo la Boy, Zeth Lundy
01/16 Middle East - Downstairs The Wrens, Southeast Engine
01/10 WAAF 97.7 / 107.3 FM Boston acoustic set and interview
12/12 Mohawk Place (Buffalo) Handsome Jack, The Thermidors
12/11 PJ's Lager House (Detroit) T-Bone & The Drones
12/10 Beachland Ballroom (Cleveland) Afternoon Naps, Dreadful Yawns, Rubella
12/09 Howler's Coyote Café (Pittsburgh) Cavalier Rose, Nik Westman & the Central Plains
12/08 Black Cat (DC) The Moderate, Timothy Bracy's Collection Agency
10/23 Zebulon (Brooklyn) [CMJ] Superhuman Happiness, The Rocco John Group
10/17 The Metro Gallery (MD) Impossible Hair, Ex-Replicas
10/16 The Velvet Lounge (DC) Impossible Hair, Drunk Tigers, Connect The Dots (La La Lala)
08/22 Union Hall (Brooklyn) [CD Release] Bird of Youth, Jennifer O’Connor
08/21 P.A.'s Lounge [CD Release] The Big Disappointments, Impossible Hair, The Operators
08/18 Johnny Brenda’s (PA) [CD Release] Amy Ray
05/16 P.A.'s Lounge Frank Black Tribute, benefit for the NAVE Gallery
04/03 Cake Shop (NYC) Jennifer O'Connor, Antietam, The Collection Agency
02/26 Middle East Jennifer O'Connor, Mascott
09/22 Middle East The Broken West, Hymns
06/14 Middle East Centro-matic, The M's, Barn Burning
04/19 T.T. the Bear's Kevin Divine, Brian Bonz
01/26 Cake Shop (NYC) Human Hearts (feat. Franklin Bruno), The Scene is Now, The Oranges Band
11/09 P.A.'s Lounge The Blank Tapes, John O'Hara
10/16 The Living Room (NYC)
CMJ Showcase
Jennifer O'Connor, Hotel Lights, Clint, Michigan & Amy Benuzartea, Larry Krone
09/22 P.A.'s Lounge The Antiques, The Swimmers, Albumen
08/03 P.A.'s Lounge Jennifer O'Connor, Chris Brokaw, Clint, Michigan & Amy Benuzartea, Hilken Mancini
07/28 P.A.'s Lounge Tricunx, Operators, Writers in Crisis, Matt Sutton
05/18 T.T. the Bear's Richard Lloyd, Downbeat 5, Township
05/02 Living Room (NYC) Jennifer O'Connor (residency)
Great Scott Kevin Devine, Jennifer O'Connor, Pablo

11/30 T.T. the Bear's (flyer) Jason Collett, The Octave Museum, Dave Alpert
11/11 P.A.'s Lounge (flyer) A Salty Salute to Guided By Voices
10/14 Maxwell's (NJ) (flyer) Portastatic, Jennifer O'Connor
10/06 P.A.'s Lounge The Oranges Band, Kahoots
09/23 Great Scott Hallelujah the Hills, Extra Golden, Hats And Glasses
08/05 Midway Cafe Hallelujah the Hills, Jimmy Hank Williams
07/23 Mercury Lounge (NYC) Jennifer O'Connor, Strega
07/15 Great Scott The Mendoza Line, Dressy Bessy, Mascott
06/21 Sin-é (NYC) The Mendoza Line, Jennifer O'Connor, The Anthem
06/06 Abbey Lounge Silver Lining, Chandler Travis Philharmonic, Jennifer O'Connor
05/20 P.A.'s Lounge The Alrighters, Mercy James Gang, John O'Hara
05/09 Lizard Lounge Verona Downs, The Dreadful Yawns
04/24 The Red Door (NH) Jennifer O'Connor, The Divorsed
04/11 T.T. the Bear's The Pilot Light, The Glass Family, The Exchange Rate
03/11 Chum's (Brandeis University) Franklin Kite
03/07 Abbey Lounge The Diamond Mines, The Irreverends, Henry
02/19 Abbey Lounge (flyer) Romania, k., Malarky - Pub: Laurel Brauns, John O'Hara
02/16 Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn) The Autumn Defense, Slient City, Phantom Power
01/19 Abbey Lounge The Silver Lining, Henry, Prescription America
01/06 Bill's Bar Taxpayer, Static of the Gods
12/16 Dodge Street Hallelujah the Hills
12/15 P.A.'s Lounge The Speed of Things, The Silver Lining, Androgony
11/18 P.A.'s Lounge Wistle Jacket, Jennifer O'Connor, The Dreadful Yawns
11/17 Cake Shop (NYC) Jennifer O'Connor, The Dreadful Yawns
11/10 Great Scott The Joggers, GoGoGo Airheart, Faces on Film
10/29 house party  
09/30 O'Brien's The Beau Roland Band, The Irreverends, Lorntell
09/14 CMJ Festival (NYC)
Rockwood Music Hall
The Can Kickers, The Foundry Field Recordings, Bellafea, Julia Darling, Frankie Palmer (of Western)
09/10 P.A.'s Lounge The In Out, Jennifer O'Connor, So + So, John O'Hara
08/31 Abbey Lounge Replacements Tribute Night
08/06 169 Bar (NYC) Jennifer O'Connor, Phantom Power, Robert Skoro, Mobile Wash Unit
07/24 Tonic (NYC) Jennifer O'Connor, K
07/18 The Red Door (NH) The Texas Governor
07/16 Abbey Lounge The Electric City, Jennifer O'Connor, Phantom Power
07/16 Art Beat Festival <- see link for performers
07/15 Kings Tavern (Saratoga, NY) Albumen, The Frank Boscoes
06/23 169 Bar (NYC) Maxx Klaxon, Serious Weapon, The Sad Little Stars, Satirius Johnson
06/21 T.T. the Bear's The Oranges Band, Kahoots, Impossible Hair
05/18 Muddy River (NH) Commando Baby, Ad Frank
05/09 O'Brien's The Chilblains, International Pen Pal
05/04 Rothko (NYC) Hotel Lights, Jennifer O'Connor, Pete Fitzpatrick
04/29 Talking Head (MD) (flyer) The Oranges Band, Travis Morrison, Impossible Hair
04/23 Abbey Lounge The Operators, Impossible Hair, The Sad Little Stars
03/26 Abbey Lounge Kinks tribute night
03/24 WBRS Brandeis Radio interview
03/11 Southpaw (Brooklyn) I Am Kloot, The Blue Van
03/07 The Red Door (NH) Subject Bias
03/05 WUNH - "Playing with Knobs" live set and interview
02/21 Zuzu The Jena Campaign
02/03 Lizard Lounge Fragmento, Amy Miles
01/07 T.T. the Bear's Constantines, Oakley Hall, ShortFilm
12/17 Abbey Lounge The Lothars, Jennifer O'Connor
12/16 Dodge Street (Salem, MA) Jennifer O'Connor
12/15 CBGB's Gallery (NYC) Jennifer O'Connor, Honeychurch
12/12 The River 92.5 FM interview with ZSid on Radio Boston
11/07 AS-220 (RI) Camellia, Faith Kleppinger
10/30 Great Scott Damone
10/22 Abbey Lounge The In Out, Antietam, Jennifer O'Connor
10/19 Pipeline! on WMBR  
10/14 Bowdoin College  
09/25 Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn) Jennifer O'Connor, Mascott
09/04 The Middle East (downstairs) [CD Release] The Wrens, The Bon Savants, Get Him Eat Him
08/07 Somerville Theatre The 23 Love Songs Project
07/29 Midway Cafe Whistle Jacket, The Alrighters
06/24 Doc Ryan's Pub (Salem, MA) The Bon Savants
06/12 T.T. the Bear's     (flyer) Wheat, Fooled by April
05/08 Abbey Lounge Soltero, The Bigger Lovers, Tony Goddess
04/18 Great Scott The Stairs
04/10 Abbey Lounge The Arrangement, Jennifer O'Connor, Frontera Rock
04/02 Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn) Jennifer O'Connor
03/05 T.T. the Bear's     (flyer) The Mountain Goats, Manishevitz
02/14 Abbey Lounge Red Zone Cuba, The Fearsome Earsome
12/19 Abbey Lounge So + So, The In Out, Bon Savants
11/20 P.A.'s Lounge The Operators, Fightin Dogs
11/18 Buttermilk Bar (Brooklyn) Jennifer O'Connor, Dance Police
11/06 Talking Head (Baltimore) The Uniform, Malhumor
10/13 Zuzu Jennifer O'Connor
09/18 Zeitgeist Gallery Shumai
09/13 Southpaw (Brooklyn) The Fandanglers, Jennifer O'Connor, Langhorne Slim
07/31 P.A.'s Lounge Mittens, Fearsome Earsome
07/24 Milky Way Quick Release, Verona Downs, Whistle Jacket
06/26 Choppin' Block The Operators, Origami
06/05 Abbey Lounge Eric Saulnier, Jennifer O'Connor, Verona Downs
05/25 CBGB's Gallery (NYC)  
05/10 Club Luxx (NYC) Lorelei, AM, Ann Beretta
05/09 Flywheel (Easthampton, MA) Count WestWest, Soltero
05/08 Zeitgeist Gallery Jef Czekaj, So + So
04/30 The Druid Mishima
04/28 Knitting Factory (NYC) Jennifer O'Connor, Dawn Landes
04/25 Plough & Stars Red Zone Cuba
04/11 Jeanie Johnston Pub Fitless
04/10 Kendall Cafe Jennifer O'Connor, Eric Saulnier, International Pen Pal
03/01 Abbey Lounge Soltero, The In Out, Jennifer O'Connor
02/16 CBGB's Gallery (NYC) Barn Burning, Jason Frangos, Joe Murphy
02/01 Abbey Lounge 20 Bands, 20 Bucks
01/25 Drifters (NH)  
01/22 Middle East (up)     (flyer) Soltero, Joel Thibodeau, Eyesores
01/19 Acme Underground (NYC)  
12/17 Lizard Lounge Texas Governor, Torrez, Jennifer O'Connor
12/07 Abbey Lounge  
12/01 Washington St. Arts Center Operators, So + So
11/16 Flywheel (Northampton, MA) The Mitchells, The Operators, Sinkcharmer
11/06 Druid Pub Eric Saulnier
10/24 T.T. the Bear's Ruby Lashes, Capitol City, Tiger Saw
09/18 Abbey Lounge Red Zone Cuba residency
08/28 Midway Cafe The Mary Reillys, I Love You
08/16 Milky Way Todd Deatherage, The Texas Governor, Star Patrol
07/18 O'Brien's The Rudds, The In Out, So & So
07/11 Milky Way Lovewhip, Todd Deatherage
06/20 T.T. the Bear's Tracy Husky, Fightin Dogs, The Anchormen
06/19 Live on WMFO Hosted by Emily of The Operators
06/18 (R.I.P.)  
05/23 Upstairs Lounge Tony Goddess, Anchormen
05/17 Harry's (Northampton, MA) Tizzy, Cyclub
04/25 Met Cafe (RI)  
04/19 Flywheel (Northampton, MA)  
04/18 Skybar Fightin Dogs, Anushka Pop
02/28 Abbey Lounge Colorforms, Chelsea on Fire
03/26 Midway Cafe Eric Saulnier, Brett Rosenberg, Fightin Dogs
03/13 Met Cafe (RI)  
03/10 Kendall Cafe So + So (residency), Willie Bernstein
02/14 Upstairs Lounge The In Out, Operators
02/09 Abbey Lounge Red Zone Cuba, Vic Firecracker
01/24 Skybar Bergamot, The In Out
01/08 Midway Cafe Fightin Dogs, Eric Saulnier
12/02 The Kendall Cafe So + So
11/03 Central Sq. VFW Hall Art in Dark Places: Francine, Red Zone Cuba
10/11 Skybar Heather #1, The Fightin Dogs
09/07 Abbey Lounge Red Zone Cuba
08/28 The Kendall Cafe The Pee Wee Fist, Judy Feldmann, Eric Saulnier
02/07 Abbey Lounge Red Zone Cuba
10/09 Abbey Lounge Schnockered