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     Stranger things have happened...


Show History

10/27 Union Hall (Brooklyn) The Paranoid Style, Charles Bissell (of the Wrens), William Matheney
10/14 Union Pool (Brooklyn) (flyer) Taxidermists, Tim Foljahn, Jennifer O'Connor, Tron! & DVD, Amy Bezunartea, Clint Michigan, Jesse Hale Moore
10/19 Left Field (NYC) CMJ 2012:  Jennifer O'Connor, Rebecca Gates, Karl Hendricks Trio, Tim Foljahn, Ma'am, Amy Bezunartea
03/03 Cake Shop (NYC) Versus, Wussy, Diehard
03/01 Church Jennifer O'Connor, Thalia Zedek, Cotton Candy
11/06 The Lily Pad Amy Bezunartea (CD rel.), Vince solo, Winston Troy, Drew O'Doherty
05/16 Black Cat (DC) Dennis Kane, Timothy Bracy's Collection Agency
05/15 P.A.'s Lounge Dennis Kane, so+so
04/03 Cake Shop (NYC) Blood Warrior, Folklore, Bright Lights
02/06 P.A.'s Lounge Trabants, Rococo la Boy, Zeth Lundy
01/16 Middle East - Downstairs The Wrens, Southeast Engine
01/10 WAAF 97.7 / 107.3 FM Boston acoustic set and interview
12/12 Mohawk Place (Buffalo) Handsome Jack, The Thermidors
12/11 PJ's Lager House (Detroit) T-Bone & The Drones
12/10 Beachland Ballroom (Cleveland) Afternoon Naps, Dreadful Yawns, Rubella
12/09 Howler's Coyote Café (Pittsburgh) Cavalier Rose, Nik Westman & the Central Plains
12/08 Black Cat (DC) The Moderate, Timothy Bracy's Collection Agency
10/23 Zebulon (Brooklyn) [CMJ] Superhuman Happiness, The Rocco John Group
10/17 The Metro Gallery (MD) Impossible Hair, Ex-Replicas
10/16 The Velvet Lounge (DC) Impossible Hair, Drunk Tigers, Connect The Dots (La La Lala)
08/22 Union Hall (Brooklyn) [CD Release] Bird of Youth, Jennifer O’Connor
08/21 P.A.'s Lounge [CD Release] The Big Disappointments, Impossible Hair, The Operators
08/18 Johnny Brenda’s (PA) [CD Release] Amy Ray
05/16 P.A.'s Lounge Frank Black Tribute, benefit for the NAVE Gallery
04/03 Cake Shop (NYC) Jennifer O'Connor, Antietam, The Collection Agency
02/26 Middle East Jennifer O'Connor, Mascott
09/22 Middle East The Broken West, Hymns
06/14 Middle East Centro-matic, The M's, Barn Burning
04/19 T.T. the Bear's Kevin Divine, Brian Bonz
01/26 Cake Shop (NYC) Human Hearts (feat. Franklin Bruno), The Scene is Now, The Oranges Band
11/09 P.A.'s Lounge The Blank Tapes, John O'Hara
10/16 The Living Room (NYC)
CMJ Showcase
Jennifer O'Connor, Hotel Lights, Clint, Michigan & Amy Benuzartea, Larry Krone
09/22 P.A.'s Lounge The Antiques, The Swimmers, Albumen
08/03 P.A.'s Lounge Jennifer O'Connor, Chris Brokaw, Clint, Michigan & Amy Benuzartea, Hilken Mancini
07/28 P.A.'s Lounge Tricunx, Operators, Writers in Crisis, Matt Sutton
05/18 T.T. the Bear's Richard Lloyd, Downbeat 5, Township
05/02 Living Room (NYC) Jennifer O'Connor (residency)
Great Scott Kevin Devine, Jennifer O'Connor, Pablo
11/30 T.T. the Bear's (flyer) Jason Collett, The Octave Museum, Dave Alpert
11/11 P.A.'s Lounge (flyer) A Salty Salute to Guided By Voices
10/14 Maxwell's (NJ) (flyer) Portastatic, Jennifer O'Connor
10/06 P.A.'s Lounge The Oranges Band, Kahoots
09/23 Great Scott Hallelujah the Hills, Extra Golden, Hats And Glasses
08/05 Midway Cafe Hallelujah the Hills, Jimmy Hank Williams
07/23 Mercury Lounge (NYC) Jennifer O'Connor, Strega
07/15 Great Scott The Mendoza Line, Dressy Bessy, Mascott
06/21 Sin-é (NYC) The Mendoza Line, Jennifer O'Connor, The Anthem
06/06 Abbey Lounge Silver Lining, Chandler Travis Philharmonic, Jennifer O'Connor
05/20 P.A.'s Lounge The Alrighters, Mercy James Gang, John O'Hara
05/09 Lizard Lounge Verona Downs, The Dreadful Yawns
04/24 The Red Door (NH) Jennifer O'Connor, The Divorsed
04/11 T.T. the Bear's The Pilot Light, The Glass Family, The Exchange Rate
03/11 Chum's (Brandeis University) Franklin Kite
03/07 Abbey Lounge The Diamond Mines, The Irreverends, Henry
02/19 Abbey Lounge (flyer) Romania, k., Malarky - Pub: Laurel Brauns, John O'Hara
02/16 Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn) The Autumn Defense, Slient City, Phantom Power
01/19 Abbey Lounge The Silver Lining, Henry, Prescription America
01/06 Bill's Bar Taxpayer, Static of the Gods
12/16 Dodge Street Hallelujah the Hills
12/15 P.A.'s Lounge The Speed of Things, The Silver Lining, Androgony
11/18 P.A.'s Lounge Wistle Jacket, Jennifer O'Connor, The Dreadful Yawns
11/17 Cake Shop (NYC) Jennifer O'Connor, The Dreadful Yawns
11/10 Great Scott The Joggers, GoGoGo Airheart, Faces on Film
10/29 house party  
09/30 O'Brien's The Beau Roland Band, The Irreverends, Lorntell
09/14 CMJ Festival (NYC)
Rockwood Music Hall
The Can Kickers, The Foundry Field Recordings, Bellafea, Julia Darling, Frankie Palmer (of Western)
09/10 P.A.'s Lounge The In Out, Jennifer O'Connor, So + So, John O'Hara
08/31 Abbey Lounge Replacements Tribute Night
08/06 169 Bar (NYC) Jennifer O'Connor, Phantom Power, Robert Skoro, Mobile Wash Unit
07/24 Tonic (NYC) Jennifer O'Connor, K
07/18 The Red Door (NH) The Texas Governor
07/16 Abbey Lounge The Electric City, Jennifer O'Connor, Phantom Power
07/16 Art Beat Festival <- see link for performers
07/15 Kings Tavern (Saratoga, NY) Albumen, The Frank Boscoes
06/23 169 Bar (NYC) Maxx Klaxon, Serious Weapon, The Sad Little Stars, Satirius Johnson
06/21 T.T. the Bear's The Oranges Band, Kahoots, Impossible Hair
05/18 Muddy River (NH) Commando Baby, Ad Frank
05/09 O'Brien's The Chilblains, International Pen Pal
05/04 Rothko (NYC) Hotel Lights, Jennifer O'Connor, Pete Fitzpatrick
04/29 Talking Head (MD) (flyer) The Oranges Band, Travis Morrison, Impossible Hair
04/23 Abbey Lounge The Operators, Impossible Hair, The Sad Little Stars
03/26 Abbey Lounge Kinks tribute night
03/24 WBRS Brandeis Radio interview
03/11 Southpaw (Brooklyn) I Am Kloot, The Blue Van
03/07 The Red Door (NH) Subject Bias
03/05 WUNH - "Playing with Knobs" live set and interview
02/21 Zuzu The Jena Campaign
02/03 Lizard Lounge Fragmento, Amy Miles
01/07 T.T. the Bear's Constantines, Oakley Hall, ShortFilm
12/17 Abbey Lounge The Lothars, Jennifer O'Connor
12/16 Dodge Street (Salem, MA) Jennifer O'Connor
12/15 CBGB's Gallery (NYC) Jennifer O'Connor, Honeychurch
12/12 The River 92.5 FM interview with ZSid on Radio Boston
11/07 AS-220 (RI) Camellia, Faith Kleppinger
10/30 Great Scott Damone
10/22 Abbey Lounge The In Out, Antietam, Jennifer O'Connor
10/19 Pipeline! on WMBR  
10/14 Bowdoin College  
09/25 Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn) Jennifer O'Connor, Mascott
09/04 The Middle East (downstairs) [CD Release] The Wrens, The Bon Savants, Get Him Eat Him
08/07 Somerville Theatre The 23 Love Songs Project
07/29 Midway Cafe Whistle Jacket, The Alrighters
06/24 Doc Ryan's Pub (Salem, MA) The Bon Savants
06/12 T.T. the Bear's     (flyer) Wheat, Fooled by April
05/08 Abbey Lounge Soltero, The Bigger Lovers, Tony Goddess
04/18 Great Scott The Stairs
04/10 Abbey Lounge The Arrangement, Jennifer O'Connor, Frontera Rock
04/02 Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn) Jennifer O'Connor
03/05 T.T. the Bear's     (flyer) The Mountain Goats, Manishevitz
02/14 Abbey Lounge Red Zone Cuba, The Fearsome Earsome
12/19 Abbey Lounge So + So, The In Out, Bon Savants
11/20 P.A.'s Lounge The Operators, Fightin Dogs
11/18 Buttermilk Bar (Brooklyn) Jennifer O'Connor, Dance Police
11/06 Talking Head (Baltimore) The Uniform, Malhumor
10/13 Zuzu Jennifer O'Connor
09/18 Zeitgeist Gallery Shumai
09/13 Southpaw (Brooklyn) The Fandanglers, Jennifer O'Connor, Langhorne Slim
07/31 P.A.'s Lounge Mittens, Fearsome Earsome
07/24 Milky Way Quick Release, Verona Downs, Whistle Jacket
06/26 Choppin' Block The Operators, Origami
06/05 Abbey Lounge Eric Saulnier, Jennifer O'Connor, Verona Downs
05/25 CBGB's Gallery (NYC)  
05/10 Club Luxx (NYC) Lorelei, AM, Ann Beretta
05/09 Flywheel (Easthampton, MA) Count WestWest, Soltero
05/08 Zeitgeist Gallery Jef Czekaj, So + So
04/30 The Druid Mishima
04/28 Knitting Factory (NYC) Jennifer O'Connor, Dawn Landes
04/25 Plough & Stars Red Zone Cuba
04/11 Jeanie Johnston Pub Fitless
04/10 Kendall Cafe Jennifer O'Connor, Eric Saulnier, International Pen Pal
03/01 Abbey Lounge Soltero, The In Out, Jennifer O'Connor
02/16 CBGB's Gallery (NYC) Barn Burning, Jason Frangos, Joe Murphy
02/01 Abbey Lounge 20 Bands, 20 Bucks
01/25 Drifters (NH)  
01/22 Middle East (up)     (flyer) Soltero, Joel Thibodeau, Eyesores
01/19 Acme Underground (NYC)  
12/17 Lizard Lounge Texas Governor, Torrez, Jennifer O'Connor
12/07 Abbey Lounge  
12/01 Washington St. Arts Center Operators, So + So
11/16 Flywheel (Northampton, MA) The Mitchells, The Operators, Sinkcharmer
11/06 Druid Pub Eric Saulnier
10/24 T.T. the Bear's Ruby Lashes, Capitol City, Tiger Saw
09/18 Abbey Lounge Red Zone Cuba residency
08/28 Midway Cafe The Mary Reillys, I Love You
08/16 Milky Way Todd Deatherage, The Texas Governor, Star Patrol
07/18 O'Brien's The Rudds, The In Out, So & So
07/11 Milky Way Lovewhip, Todd Deatherage
06/20 T.T. the Bear's Tracy Husky, Fightin Dogs, The Anchormen
06/19 Live on WMFO Hosted by Emily of The Operators
06/18 (R.I.P.)  
05/23 Upstairs Lounge Tony Goddess, Anchormen
05/17 Harry's (Northampton, MA) Tizzy, Cyclub
04/25 Met Cafe (RI)  
04/19 Flywheel (Northampton, MA)  
04/18 Skybar Fightin Dogs, Anushka Pop
02/28 Abbey Lounge Colorforms, Chelsea on Fire
03/26 Midway Cafe Eric Saulnier, Brett Rosenberg, Fightin Dogs
03/13 Met Cafe (RI)  
03/10 Kendall Cafe So + So (residency), Willie Bernstein
02/14 Upstairs Lounge The In Out, Operators
02/09 Abbey Lounge Red Zone Cuba, Vic Firecracker
01/24 Skybar Bergamot, The In Out
01/08 Midway Cafe Fightin Dogs, Eric Saulnier
12/02 The Kendall Cafe So + So
11/03 Central Sq. VFW Hall Art in Dark Places: Francine, Red Zone Cuba
10/11 Skybar Heather #1, The Fightin Dogs
09/07 Abbey Lounge Red Zone Cuba
08/28 The Kendall Cafe The Pee Wee Fist, Judy Feldmann, Eric Saulnier
02/07 Abbey Lounge Red Zone Cuba
10/09 Abbey Lounge Schnockered