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The Sunshine State | Black Clouds | Split 7" | I'll Be Out All Night
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LP - The Sunshine State

Hell Is Future Fire
Iíll Be on the Lawn
In Between
- Video
Look What You Done
The Truth
I Wish That I Could Be
Negative Eight Per Cent for Nothing
The 70ís Are Still Ringing in My Ears
The Sunshine State

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LP - Black Clouds

The Relentless Money Love Blues
Here Come the Guns - Video
Regular Guy
Mostly Air
Under the Icy Moon
Black Cloud
I'm A Truck
Coffee Spoons
Honey Shove
It's Gonna Happen Fast
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Split 7" Single - Little Airplane Heart

Little Airplane Heart
Mostly Air
Watching You Go
$7 shipping incl. Released by
Kiam Records
From Kiam Records, a collaboration between Jennifer O'Connor and Choo Choo la Rouge. We join Jennifer on the A side for "Little Airplane Heart," and we each contribute our own song to the flip. That's three songs on clear red vinyl for $7 (includes shipping).  

LP - I'll Be Out All Night

Black Sheep
I Get Lost
Try Using Science
Extinct Music
She Is a Bomb
No One Knows Like You Know
I Had a Vision
The Kind of Noise You Can't Turn Down
Holding Gold (Bonus)
25th Letter (Bonus)
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EP - Wall to Wall

Worse Mistakes
Ragged Dick
Hearsed & Rehearsed
In the End
People Are Yelling
Acting Casual (Bonus)
Say It Twice (Bonus)
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Demo - You're like a rocket...
                   Always taking off with
                         people in your head

Say It Twice
Worse Mistakes
Hearsed & Rehearsed (Calliope Mix)
Out of Print

CD - These are Centre St. Tracks

This limited edition compilation was put out by Centre St. Tracks, a label in Jamaica Plain, MA.

We contributed a live version of Sinkhole, which was recorded on WMFO, On the Town with Mikey Dee. Only a few copies left!
$12 Shipping incl.


Script Logo T-shirt

men's - $12 shipping incl.
women's fitted - $12 shipping incl.

If you want to pay with check or money order, e-mail us.